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Breckenridge College Suites


Convenient Location - only 5 mins from UNOH campus * 13 Mins from OSU branch * 6 mins from Lima Mall

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Ashton Bathroom 2

For Rent:


633 West Ashton

Lima, Ohio

1 bed * 1 bath suites

Ashton provides a private safe and clean home-away-from-home for college students.


Each 1 bedroom suite is furnished with:

  • a full size bed

  • dresser

  • 50" flat-panel TV

  • wireless headphones

  • mini fridge

  • microwave

Reserved well lit parking space, utilities, internet and cable are included in rent.


Renters share:

  • full size kitchen wih stainless steel appliances

  • family room with 70" flat-panel TV

  • laundry with washer and dryer

  • large deck

  • large fenced in back yard


For your safety, security cameras are located on the front, sides and back of the house.


Forget the u-haul, just bring your clothes!!


Rent depends on your choice of shared bathroom ($649/month) or private bathroom ($695/month). All you need up front is first month's rent plus $1495 security deposit. All deposits are refundable at the end of the lease if property is in the same condition as it was received.

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